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Dating site murderer tumblr rooms

() Danish police have discovered a woman's headless torso washed up on Copenhagen's water's edge in their search for missing reporter Kim Wall.Inventor Peter Madsen has admitted Wall died on board his home-made submarine.() Swedish journalist Kim Wall remains missing after an inventor's sunken submarine was refloated, towed to Copenhagen harbor, and found to be empty.Police investigators say it seems the vessel was deliberately scuttled.The Murder House, on Winchester Place, they say it’s haunted. It has a pretty gruesome history, dating all the way back to the 1920’s when Mrs.Montgomery shot her husband dead before turning the gun to herself.They say her sorrow invoked a curse, and since then — anyone who dies on property doesn’t get to leave. Current Setting Date: JANUARY, 2021 CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERSWe have some big news here, and we’re hoping it brings some life into the Murder House again.We’re going to be moving the main and in a sense, starting over.

A wealthy inventor claims that he "buried" her at sea after she died in an accident on his sub.This doesn’t mean everyone is losing their characters or plots or connections, but rather we’ll be taking it one step at a time. For some of us that’s quite the decline, but this doesn’t mean you’re being forced to drop all of your other characters.It just means that in order to pick things up again, we ask you to pick five of your characters to start off with, and then you may pick up another every two weeks.The rest will be considered to be on hiatus for the time being, and perhaps we’ll even look into opening the group up again to new members if things go well.This will also help us sort things out on the main, get bio’s posted, the faceclaim list updated, and so on.

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() A court has heard testimony from the man charged with killing Swedish journalist Kim Wall on his homemade submarine.