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Im sure there are more, and maybe I missed a couple important ones. My obvious goal here is not to change minds that are already made up, which is impossible (by definition), but to reach 1,000 (mostly nasty) comments in response to this post. But the NET flow of thermal radiation is still from the warmer body to the cooler body.

Even if you dont believe there is 2-way flow, and only 1-way flowthe rate of flow depends upon the temperature of both bodies, and changing the cooler bodys temperature will change the cooling rate (and thus the temperature) of the warmer body.

NOTE: Because of the large number of negative comments this post will generate, please excuse me if I don’t respond to every one. But if I see a new point being made I haven’t addressed before, I’ll be more likely to respond.

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Just because we dont know the average surface temperature of the Earth to better than, say 1 deg. In the broadband IR, though, its close to a blackbody, with an average emissivity of around 0.95.

C, doesnt mean we cant monitor changes in the average over time. But whether a climate model uses 0.95 or 1.0 for surface emissivity isnt going to change the conclusions we make about the sensitivity of the climate system to increasing carbon dioxide.

They considered the plant a cure for infertility and all manner of poison, but if there was any mythology associated with it, it has long since been lost to us.

The second is an Icelandic retelling of an old Norse legend.

All this attention being lavished on Balder made Loki jealous, and he went to Frigga in disguise as an old woman and asked her what was going on.

You cannot write a physics-based equation to obtain the average temperature at any altitude without using the energy budget. WARMING CAUSES CO2 TO RISE, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND The rate of rise in atmospheric CO2 is currently 2 ppm/yr, a rate which is !

If adiabatic compression explains temperature, why is the atmospheric temperature at 100 mb is nearly the same as the temperature at 1 mb, despite 100x as much atmospheric pressure? So, where is the 100x as fast rise in todays temperature causing this CO2 rise? But not to worry CO2 is the elixir of lifelets embrace more of it! THE IPCC MODELS ARE FOR A FLAT EARTH I have no explanation where this little tidbit of misinformation comes from.

I understand and appreciate that many of the things we think we know in science end up being wrong. But some of the alternative explanations Im seeing border on the ludicrous. Despite the fact that downwelling IR from the sky can be measured, and amounts to a level (~300 W/m2) that can be scarcely be ignored; the neglect of which would totally screw up weather forecast model runs if it was not included; and would lead to VERY cold nights if it didnt exist; and can be easily measured directly with a handheld IR thermometer pointed at the sky (because an IR thermometer measures the IR-induced temperature change of the surface of a thermopile, QED) Please stop the no greenhouse effect stuff. Ive blogged on this numerous timesmaybe start here. THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT VIOLATES THE 2ND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS.

So, heres my Top 10 list of stupid skeptic arguments. The second law can be stated in several ways, but one way is that the net flow of energy must be from higher temperature to lower temperature. The apparent violation of the 2nd Law seems to be traced to the fact that all bodies emit IR radiationincluding cooler bodies toward warmer bodies.

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