Iraqi dating

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Iraqi dating

The al Hasan foundation was abolished as a result, and the Iraqi Chemical Corps again took up responsibility for the program.

[3] The 1980 Iran-Iraq War gave new impetus to chemical weapons research.

In June 1981 Iraq founded Project 922, within the Ministry of Defense, to oversee development and production.

[4] Project 922 drew much of its equipment and expertise from the al Rashad laboratory complex of the al Hazen Institute, and was able to produce tens of tons of mustard gas by 1983.

Specifically, the Kurdistan Region Security Council has offered video and lab results that it claims prove IS used chlorine gas on 23 January 2015 in a suicide truck bombing.

This attack has not been investigated or verified by other independent sources.

[1] These initial attempts failured, and the Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS) took over responsibility for chemical weapons research, founding the al Hazen ibn al-Haiteham Institute in 1974.

[2] However, by 1978, the IIS also had failed to develop CW agents, due in part to extensive mismanagement.

[6] Iraq began using chemical weapons against Iranian troops in 1982.

[19] However, the materials in question date back to the 1980s, and are unlikely to be useful for chemical warfare purposes.

Kurdish and Iraqi military officials claim that IS has used chemical weapons within Iraq, against the Peshmerga forces, multiple times in the past year.

Chemical weapons attacks collectively resulted in over one million Iranian casualties by the end of the war.

[9] The Iraqi government also mounted massive chemical attacks against the Kurdish population in northern Iraq.

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The program purchased and destroyed over 400 Borak rockets, many of which contained sarin.

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