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Glock pistols with these upgrades are informally referred to as (early) "third-generation" models.

Later third-generation models additionally featured a modified extractor that serves as a loaded chamber indicator, and the locking block was enlarged, along with the addition of an extra cross pin to aid the distribution of bolt thrust forces exerted by the locking block.

"Gen4" is rollmarked on the slide next to the model number to identify the fourth-generation pistols.

A mid-life upgrade to the Glock pistols involved the addition of checkering on the front strap and serrations to the back strap.This cross pin is known as the locking block pin and is located above the trigger pin.The polymer frames of third-generation models can be black, flat dark earth, or olive drab.Glock has updated its basic design several times throughout its production history.Commentators had long separated the large changes into generations.

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Glock did, however, have extensive experience in advanced synthetic polymers, knowledge of which was instrumental in the company's design of the first commercially successful line of pistols with a polymer frame.