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Spielcasino online dating

These bacteria destroy enamel, resulting in cavities.Prehistorically, cavities could be quite dangerous. If bacteria erode enamel all the way to the interior of the tooth, an infectious abscess can form at the tip of the tooth root.Interestingly, this group of individuals had fairly low levels of calculus and dental caries (cavities) although they are a very urban group that should be consuming a fairly soft diet.Teeth also reflect general health, particularly in childhood. If a child is stressed, such as during weaning, when food is scarce, or after contracting a serious disease, the body may stop producing enamel for some time.This is a quick introduction to what teeth can tell us.They are one of the most informative parts of the human body, and are incredibly well preserved archaeologically.

They provide the most needed carbon dating of the invention.

These features may include having extra cusps on the teeth, fewer cusps, or extra roots.

For example, I have an additional cusp on my first upper molars – it sits on the tongue side of my tooth and is called a “Carabelli’s cusp”.

Mine is quite large, and can be seen on the first molars of everyone in my family!

Some of the most interesting dental finds are teeth that have been intentionally modified by their owner during his or her life.

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This results in small furrows on the teeth called hypoplastic defects.