Updating efmp

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Updating efmp

"The Exceptional Family Member Program exists to help families be stationed in locations where services are available to them," said Navy Lt. If that is the case, your options are to register and risk career impact because you want to stay together as a family; become geographical bachelors so that your service member can get stationed wherever he or she wants; or simply ignore the rules and don't register as EFMP.Do D officials won't tell you that not registering is an option, and here's why: Failing to register can come with its own batch of possibly serious consequences.Being in the program isn't supposed to influence your spouse's career, Do D officials said.

Exceptional Family Member POC Training This half-day training provides information that enables POCs to assist members in their commands.It is important to note that these categories apply to the family member and do not restrict the sea and shore duty requirements of the service member.EFMP Categories Category 1: Needs do not generally limit assignments Category 2: No CONUS assignment restrictions.Let's say your child has chronic asthma that has put him in the emergency room once or twice, but you've had it under control for a while.Per the EFMP guidelines, you're supposed to register him. No, black-clad ninjas will not fast-rope from your ceiling to arrest you.

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But like all "helpful" programs, sometimes EFMP just creates extra red tape for military families who are trying to use it.

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