Vb net validating close form

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Vb net validating close form

The user might delete a critical file or enter invalid data.

By overriding the value set on that flag, you can always allow the form to close: The Io T world may be exciting, but there are serious technical challenges that need to be addressed, especially by developers.

The Common Language Runtime (CLR) represents all errors as exceptions. The Framework class library (FCL) includes a large number of standard exception classes that encapsulate information about common errors.

Working with instances of these classes allows the developer to provide robust error-handling solutions. NET Framework provides two general classes or exceptions that derive from the common An exception associated with the exception whose Inner Exception property you are accessing.

Then in the btn Cancel_click event, either set a module level variable like m Canceling to True and then in the validating event ... It doesn't need to be validated because the user is exiting. Length Yes, closing the form causes 'validating' to take place. Close() End Sub Private Sub Text Box1_Validating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. I am going to start a new thread - calling it a bug and see what happens. Down (Down Arrow) and some how (and I never figured this one out) the next control in the tab order, regardless of the Tab Stop property, got focus. Cancel = True End If End If End Sub Hi Al, Nearly 40 years for me since my first college FORTRAN IV class! Well, one of the keys you would not see in either the keypress or keydown events is the tab key, which of course will move the focus.

Darin *** Sent via Developersdex Yes, closing the form causes 'validating' to take place. One, remove the "control Box" from the form, so the user cant close it that way. in the btn Cancel_Click event: Removehandeler Text Box1.validating, Addressof Text Box1_Validating -- Terry That doesn't work either, at least not for VB2005. -- Al Reid (who didn't mean to hijack the thread) "Terry" Well it works for me - but one thing I left out - you need to set the cancel buttons 'causes validation' to false. I reprogrammed the device to only send the CR and now the problem is solved. Validating If Not mbln Cancel Then Dim dte Date As Date Time If Date Time. Why it would stop on a textbox with tabstop property set to False - I have no idea, unless it is a behavior of the container its in. Maybe you should be using the Key Down event instead of the Key Press event. here is a line copied from the documentation: "The Key Press event is not raised by noncharacter keys; however, the noncharacter keys do raise the Key Down and Key Up events." My guess is that the gun is sending some noncharacter data to you.

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