Vidyanidhi online dating

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Vidyanidhi online dating

He had also taken part in the conquest of Mangalore in 1768, and accused the Mangalorean Catholics of treachery towards the sovereign, as well as their having helped the British.He was aware of the treatment of Canara Muslims by the Portuguese clergy, and had always resented his father's favourable policy towards the Mangalorean Catholics.The Captivity of Mangalorean Catholics at Seringapatam (1784–1799) was a 15-year imprisonment of Mangalorean Catholics and other Christians at Seringapatam in the Indian region of Canara by Tipu Sultan, the de facto ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore.that it was purely due to religious reasons, as Tipu stated : "To spare them was mercy, to honor them with Islam a favor.All earlier records of South Canara's Christians were lost at the time of their deportation by Tipu in 1784 and it is not known when Christianity was introduced in South Canara.It is possible that Syrian Christians settled in South Canara as they had in Malabar, a region south of Canara.No fault being imputed except them being Christians." The Mangalorean Catholic community in Mangalore flourished during the regime of Tipu's father, Hyder Ali.

The first wave of immigrants came to Mangalore to escape the trials of the Goa Inquisition of 1560.In 1500, the Portuguese explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral arrived at Anjediva in North Canara with eight Franciscan missionaries under the leadership of Frei Henrique Soares de Coimbra.On arrival they converted 22 or 23 natives to Christianity in the Mangalore region.Historians (List of Historians till now not found, hence cannot be trusted) claim that Hyder was extremely tolerant towards the Christians.According to historian Severine Silva, he followed the same policy of religious tolerance towards Christians as he had from the beginning, even though the Christians had revolted against him.

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Hyder's army included several Catholic soldiers and he allowed Christians to build a church within the Seringapatam Fort where French generals offered prayers and priests visited. At the end of the same year, Hyder, along with his son Tipu Sultan, defeated the British and recaptured Mangalore.