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Joined Scientology: Raised in it, daughter of actor and OT 5 Scientologist Geoffrey Lewis (1935-2015) Fun Scientology completion: L12, 1998 Indoctrination score: 6.5 out of 10 Juliette shattering suppression: “The thing about Scientology is it is anti-drug in that you’re seeking relationship or communication tools – simple basics on how to live better.” Juliette has our source’s lowest indoctrination score, meaning that she may be the most likely to ditch the church. Our source says that although she has hardcore family members (like her sister Brandy, see Ethan Suplee, below), Juliette is more focused on her music than anything else in her life, and in that life she is surrounded by non-Scientologists.

Also, her behavior has been erratic, and she’s been particularly unmoored since the death of her father last year.

Took the last name of his artist mother, Bibbe Hansen, who he lived with after she split with his father, composer David Campbell Fun Scientology completion: Essentials of Dianetics, 1986 Indoctrination score: 7 out of 10 Beck shattering suppression: “I’ve read books, and I’ve learned about it.

Over the years, we’ve also received some mixed messages from Juliette, who appears to read the Underground Bunker, at least on occasion.

With her unpredictability, she’s at the top of our list of Scientologist celebrities who may be ready to walk away.

That’s a lot of pretty important stars to walk out of the joint in less than a decade. In April, we wrote a story about Lucia Ribisi leaving Scientology.

She’s not a big celebrity — yet — but her father Giovanni Ribisi is.

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In 2008, we wrote the first press interview with actor Jason Beghe, who had made a splash with a video denouncing Scientology after being a gung-ho member for 12 years.

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