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YOU ARE READING Teen Fiction WARNING: Once you enter the world of K-Pop you will never be able to leave!(Not that you would ever want to...) I have a huge obsession with Korean Pop music and I thought I would use this as a place to record everything and anything I want about t...Like in his most collaborations, Wheesung never overshadowed a singer in his performances and even in his own albums.I think this is the essence of being a true professional singer, the ability to blend well with fellow singer during duets or group performance is very critical to create that harmonious melody.

Photo galleries, news, relationships and more on Spokeo. Free kannada movies for mobile in 3gp movies, paul simon essay, wheesung and ailee dating after wheesung. This is right after Ji Yeong’s part where they started to duet, must be the refrain portion up to the third chorus.While Ji Yeong is probably more heard, listening to it carefully — Wheesung was softly throwing lines in melody.They are mushy or at times bold but it speaks of what can’t be said directly — from plain to awkward situations.I wish someone will sub this in English 🙂 Happy birthday Wheesung!

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The song is good to the ears from start to finish but I really like the part after the second chorus.

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